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Type in the quantity of each item that you would like delivered to your vacation home prior to your arrival. Every effort will be made to accommodate items you describe in detail (in the comments box at the bottom of the list). If an item is unavailable, a suitable replacement will be delivered.
Requests must be submitted at least 72 hours prior to your arrival date to ensure on-time delivery.

Your credit card will be charged the amount of the grocery receipt plus a $40 delivery fee.

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Cold Cereal  Dozen Eggs 
Pancake Mix  Bacon 
Sausage Patties  Sausage 
Orange Juice 

Wheat Bread  White Bread 
Turkey Slices (packaged)  Ham Slices (packaged) 
Roast Beef Slices (packaged)   Beef Franks 
Hot Dog Buns 

Ground Beef (1lb)  Hamburger Buns (8 buns) 
Bratwurst (5pk)  Bratwurst Buns 
Potatoes (5lbs) 

Milk (gal/2%)  Butter (tub) 
Margarine (tub)  Cheddar Cheese (packaged) 
Provolone Cheese (packaged)  Swiss Cheese (packaged) 
American Cheese (packaged) 

Coke (12pk/cans)  Diet Coke (12pk/cans) 
Sprite (12pk/cans)  Pepsi (12pk/cans) 
Diet Pepsi (12pk/cans)  Water (24pk) 

Lettuce (1 bag)  Onions (1lb) 
Baby Carrots (1lb)  Tomatoes (1lb) 
Bananas (bunch)  Grapes (1lb/green-red) 

Potato Chips  Crackers 
Pretzels (traditional twist)  Mixed Nuts (Planters) 
Ketchup (Heinz)  Mustard 
Mayonnaise (Miracle Whip)  Salad Dressing (Hellmann's)