Here are the ‘nuts and bolts’ about our offering. Fractional ownership is similar to any other real estate purchase except that you are only purchasing a fraction of a specific condo suite instead of the entire condominium.

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Luxury fractionals differ greatly from old-style timeshares. In traditional timeshare developments, there are only two types of purchases: Right-to-Use or Fee-Simple. Most timeshare resorts are Right-to-Use, meaning the owner has the right to use it for a period of time and then it reverts back to the developer. It is similar to a vacation club – you never actually own the real estate. Read more

This concept has been popular in the luxury segment of the market now for years. Owners of private jets, luxury vacation villas, exotic cars and yachts realized long ago that it didn’t make economic sense to bear the burden of ownership alone when you only actually use the asset for a limited time each year. Read more

For many, time is a key element. Owners can now relax instead of spending weekends working on their vacation homes each year. At The Beach House, we take care of all maintenance and upkeep for you – more quickly, more efficiently and at a lower price than you could do it for yourself. Read more

Yes. A fractional interest in The Beach House may be financed with a conventional mortgage. The rates and terms are usually competitive with traditional condominium mortgages. We have local lenders who would be pleased to assist you. Read more

Absolutely. Owners are permitted to sell, transfer, gift or otherwise dispose of their fractional interests in accordance with the condominium documents. An affiliate of the developer will act as the exclusive listing agent for the resale of all fractional interests and will cultivate an active resale market. Transfers within a family group will be exempt from commissions.

It doesn’t. Each owner gets a separate deed to their fractional interest in the condominium unit which is fully insured by the title company. The personal financial situation of any one co-owner will have no effect on the property rights of the others.

Yes. You may purchase as many fractional interests as you desire. You may also want to consider purchasing fractions of different resort suites to match your specific family needs. (e.g., a 2-bedroom for mom and dad and a 3-bedroom for an extended family stay.)

Yes. Owners of vacation homes sometimes find that they have inadvertently created difficult situations when passing ownership of vacation homes to their children or grandchildren. Conflicts sometimes arise between the new co-owners over finances, usage and responsibilities. Read more

Yes. The condominium documents have been drafted to permit participation in a 1031 tax-free exchange. Individual situations vary, so please consult your accountant or attorney.

Generally speaking, yes. Luxury fractional interest condominiums resorts have historically appreciated on a par with whole ownership condominiums. It all comes down to location, location, location! Each property is unique in terms of location, quality of construction, services offered, and amenities. Lakeshore area real estate values in the Holland area have historically done well.

A 1/10th fractional interest entitles you to 5 weeks of personal usage each year, or every two years depending on the option you purchase. The Float calendar is divided into three seasons in which Owners request their preferred weeks through a reservation system. Click Here to view the Reservation Calendar.

You are allowed to trade reserved weeks with other Owners at The Beach House through an internal exchange. The Member/Guest Services Manager at the Beach House will assist you in facilitating the exchange.

You have many options. You may allow family or friends to use your unit during your reserved week. You may deposit your week into RCI inventory in exchange for points to be used to reserve vacation time at over 4,000 resorts worldwide. You may deposit your week into Beach House rental inventory where it will be rented on a best-effort basis for the highest marketable rental rate. The Owner receives 75% of the rental rate in return.